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About Us

The Party Bus is located in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada but can service any area of the province. We have 6 buses in our fleet from 20 to 60 passengers. All buses except the 20 passenger (26 passenger and larger) have the enormous benefit of a washroom. Each PARTYBUS has up to FIVE televisions, a dance pole or two, an amazing stereo system, flashing lights and our beautiful Lighted Ceiling. Our 60 passenger COACH is the LARGEST of its kind in Canada!

60 Passenger ROCKSTAR Coach

Keith, Rob, Paul, Ella, Richard, Leo, and Everest, our Party Bus drivers, have several years experience in the industry, impeccable driving records, CLEAN Records of Conduct and come recommended by both young and old. Party Bus is diligent in making sure that our drivers meet the highest standards. Parents and customers can rest assured that we will take care of all the little details so that their experience is the best each time they ride with us.

The Party Bus is also well known for our charity work, especially for children's groups. We are the OFFICIAL transportation for Children's Wish in Newfoundland and Labrador, we offer a free party to Ronald McDonald House each month for families to have a break from their sickness, and have been major sponsors for Camp Delight and Big Brothers Big Sisters for years.  We have also donated our time to the Down Syndrome Society, Lillies for Lilly, The Janeway, The Autism Society and many more individual groups and families.  Check out our charity page at the bottom left of this page for details on our Wheels that Heal program where we offer a FREE party to any child that has to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments. 

Ultimate Comfort

20 passenger interior

The PARTY BUS is unique in that it can carry over 200 passengers (in SIX machines) for your event without compromising luxury and comfort. Passengers can stretch their legs or stand up and dance because of our high ceilings. Couch like leather seats, a Ridewell Air Ride suspension system, and air conditioning mean people are never cramped or uncomfortable. We are not just the vehicle that gets you to the party, we are the party!

Incredible Gear

42 Passenger Mercedes Benz InteriorThe PARTY BUS has all the bells and whistles. We provide the latest music including many songs on video. Browse our list for your favorite, you are the DJ! Choose from categories including Dance, Rock and Roll Classics, Country, Irish Newfoundland, and even some Stagette favorites! There are over 450 songs on each Party Bus at your finger tips, so matter what your taste is, we have something for you! Whether it be a stag party or simply a night out, nothing compares to the quality the PARTY BUS provides. Have your own playlist? On CD, DVD, or i-pod? Bring it along and we'll set it up for you!

CALL 709-727-8928 that spells
P-A-R-T-Y-B-U-S on your phone!

The Party Bus Cancellation Policy

Events excluding Graduations, Weddings and Chartered Trips 

Refunds of deposits will only occur if cancellation occurs more than 60 days from the scheduled event. If cancelled between 15 and 60 days prior to the scheduled run, a credit of the deposit amount will be held for use on any future event within 1 year. Cancellations occurring within 2 weeks of a scheduled run will result in 100% loss of deposit. There are no exceptions.

Graduations and Weddings

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the date of cancellation for all graduations and weddings.

Once a wedding or graduation is booked with the Party Bus, we cannot book that specific bus with another group for that date.  For this reason, and due to the nature of most weddings being booked well in advance, weddings cancelled within 6 months of the wedding date for any reason will be responsible for the FULL cost of the wedding.  

Chartered Trips

A minimum deposit of 25% of the total charge is required to secure any bus in the Party Bus fleet for an extended trip of two days or more unless it is as a result of weather, and is at the sole discretion of Party Bus management.  This deposit is non-refundable unless cancelled within SIX months of the date of departure. 

The Party Bus Chaperone Policy

Bookings for groups that are 15 years of age or younger MUST have a chaperone on board during the party, with no exceptions. Chaperones must be responsible adults, 19 years of age or older. Groups 16 to 18 years of age, although not mandated, are encouraged to have an adult present during the run.

Music Policy

The Party Bus provides the latest music as a courtesy for both young and old parties. For children's parties, we provide the clean radio version of all songs when they are available (which is a chore these days!).  That being said, many of the latest or popular songs may be considered offensive to some parents depending on the age of the children.  What one parent considers offensive, another may not so it is STRICTLY left up to the chaperoning adult to determine if a song or video is appropriate for the age group. A simple click of a button will skip to the next song.  If there is any concern, parents should bring their own music to be played at the party.

Lost Items

Although every effort will be made to return lost items to the owner, The Party Bus takes no responsibility for any lost valuables. It is the responsibility of the persons on the Party Bus to make sure they take all belongings before disembarking.

Damages and Clean up 

The Party Bus understands that you are there to party.  We also expect to clean up some reasonable mess after your run is over.  However, the Party Bus will not tolerate excessive mess and/or damages to our vehicles as they are extremely expensive.  Party Bus management reserves the right to assess damages and to charge the person that booked the Party Bus for these damages.  These minimum charges will apply:

Drivers having to clean up vomit : minimum charge $100
Damage to stereo  : minimum charge $350
Excessive cleaning required : minimum charge $100
Smoking in bus : minimum charge $300
Tears or damage to seats  : minimum charge $500
Damage to all other bus areas : cost of parts + shipping + labor to repair + value of any lost runs as a result of bus being down

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